Why invest in luxury Judaica products

MySiddurName brings unparalleled luxury at an unbeatable price to the world of Judaica. With high quality Judaic items such as their namesake siddur. When praying from such an item, one feels a special connection with God, one that is enhanced by the money put into the prayer. One may ask, why should I spend even a little bit more money on a siddur, when I can get one so cheaply?

  1. God appreciates the money spent towards his service, as it shows great dedication to Him
  2. MySiddurName delivers the highest quality goods that you can truly feel good about
  3. Owning luxurious items gives one more of a sense of respect towards those items
  4. Having such an item like the MySiddurName prayer book gives a sense of standing to your own thoughts and prayers, you gain more from something that you consider special to you

High quality, luxury items such as these can not go unnoticed. They are beautiful, holy goods, at wonderful prices. They are a true pleasure to own, and a greater pleasure to pray with, to forge a connection to God.

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