Whether you want kippot for children, kippot for young people, standard black kippot or knitted kippot; you can find every type and style at My Siddurname!

Here you can order a large quantity of kippot at a great price, custom made for your special events!

For more details and reservations call us at 055-925-5166 or through the “Contact Us” page on the website.
kippah, Yamaka

Bar Mitzvah Kippot

A Bar Mitzvah is one of the most meaningful ceremonies for a teenage Jew. Every little boy waits impatiently for his Bar Mitzvah ceremony which celebrates his passing from childhood to adulthood. The excitement increases when he starts learning to read the Torah with a teacher (usually the rabbi of the synagogue or the neighborhood), all in preparation for his aliyah to the Torah on that special day, along with the Shabbat Chatan and of course a celebration with friends and family. As with any great once-in-a-lifetime event, we plan it down to the smallest details. Details like the Bar Mitzvah boy’s first Tefillin bag, as well as stylized kippot to be handed out to the guests commemorating the special day!

Today we can say almost confidently that every Jewish house has a number of kippot. Even the secular among us have a number of kippot in the house that, while they may not be used in everyday life, still come out on special days like Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashana.
Every Jewish home in Israel (and around the world!) has its kippot and they are an inseparable part of Jewish identity whether you are religious or secular.

The kippot of My Siddurname

Our kippot are high-quality, full-size kippot that are not only functional but stylish as well. We provide high quality printed kippot with a good finish for events of all kinds.

Examples of types of kippot:

A turquoise kippah.
A kippah shaped with gold stars on a light blue base.
The kippah designed with white stars on a gray base.
Standard Black kippah.
A winter kippah with zigzag decorations in black and white or blue and white.
A Standard kippah for events in white or blue color.
A white kippah with a Star of David with a gold stripe (suitable for occasions like a bar mitzvah or wedding).
And more!

We also offer you a variety of quality Judaica products suitable for private use or gifts with an option for a personal dedication, for example: Benchers, Siddurim, Talit and Tefillin covers, and more.

Here at My Siddurname you will enjoy courteous, professional service and deliveries to your home, whether in Israel or abroad. For more information and reservations, please call us at 055-925-5166 or through our “Contact Us” page on the website.
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