Bar mitzvah bentcher

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Bentcher with Seder Birkat Hamazon and Ma’ayan Shalosh

Bar Mitzvah model
avilable : sfard(ashkenaz)\edot hamizrach
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free embedding (min 30 pices for order)
colors for embedding : gold\silver


All our bentchers are hand made and sent to you in the best way. we can be sure you will get the product successfully

Our products are designed in the most beautiful way, so you can be sure that you are praying from a beautiful and elegant bentcher
Today we are proud to design your event with our bentchers

When you selected the product you have to choose your special Embedding‫‬
on the bentcher you will get. High quality embedding that will ensure your connection to the special product and event.

Examples of embeddidg on the bentcher:
(unlimited words)

שמחת הבר מצווה של
יוסף יצחק
חי אדר תשע״א
קול ששון וקול שמחה קול חתן וקול כלה״”
מזכרת מנישואי
חיים ורבקה
ח״י אלול תשע”ח
תודה על השתתפותכם בשמחתנו
משפחת ברקוביץ’ וכהן
Bat Mitzvah
Keren Cohen

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Dimensions11 × 16 cm


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