Deluxe Satin Yamaka

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Deluxe Satin Yamaka

(100 kippah) For speciale events

Free Shipping and Dedication!

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Great high quality Deluxe Satin Yamaka (100 kippah).

Deluxe Satin Yamaka for speciale events

The Deluxe Satin Yamaka are made of high quality satin (or velvet) fabric to ensure that they can be of use by your guests, throughout and well after the event.
These Yamaka are suitable for all variety of family occasion and events (celebrations and even mourning events).
You can also customize the kippah with the dedication suitable for the various Jewish holidays (and dedicate the Deluxe Satin Yamaka to your loved ones).

A short explanation of the best way to order Deluxe Satin Yamaka (100 kippah) for your events.

How to choose and design Deluxe Satin Yamaka:

How to choose the perfect Yamaka, for your event. So the kippah matches exactly to your taste and the nature and character of a particolare event.

  1. Choose the color you like – and the quantity you need.
  2. Select embedding from our amazing catalog (it is FREE!) – If you have a special request, you can contact us. We’ll be glad to meet your special requests.
  3. After placing the order. We’ll contact you and send you a draft of the designed embedding, you’ve selected for approval.
  4. Only after you confirmed and approved, the draft of the embedding on the Satin Yamaka. the kippahs going into production and shipping

Immediately after completing the preparation of the order. the Deluxe Satin Yamaka for events of your choice on the it’s way to you.

The shipment and embedding (from the gallery) on the Yamaka is offered at no additional cost !!!

Please note that it take minimum 10 business days from completing the order.

Do not wait book your order in advance.

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