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What is Tallit case?

כיסוי לטלית ותפילין –
הסט מורכב משלושה כיסויים
כיסוי טלית – כיסוי תפילין רש״י – כיסוי טלית רבנו תם
כיסוי לטלית ותפילין – דגם 770 סט חסידי
הסט מורכב משלושה כיסויים
כיסוי טלית – כיסוי תפילין רש״י – כיסוי טלית רבנו תם

A Tallit case is a cloth bag designed to keep the Tallit (prayer shawl) and tzitzit safe from various day to day hazards.

While the Tallit and its case has traditionally been relatively simple, in recent years, more and more varied Tallit cases have been seen in the younger and older generations, for example: lighter colors, a combination of several colors, names on the tallit, crown embroidery, Magen David embroidery and more. The Tallit case considered to be a part of the mitzvah and therefore cannot be thrown out. If it gets torn or becomes unusable for some other reason, it should be shelved.

What is a Tallit?

The Tallit is a prayer shawl which worn by men during prayer.

There are two types of Tallit:

The Tallit Katan – A small tallit worn regularly under clothes that also have tzitzit in every corner. Tallit Gadol – the Large prayer shawl worn during prayer in a synagogue.

The Tallit’s made of wool or linen. According to the Shulchan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law), a garment made of wool or linen (with four corners) must have tzitzit.

What are Tzitzit?

The Western Wall

Tzitzit are the fringes we put on the corners of four cornered garments. They consist of several knots followed by eight lines of string hanging down (four threads doubled over).

The source of the commandment is to make a person remember all the commandments by seeing the strings on his body, and thus keep him away from following the evil inclination. According to Chazal, the tzitzit are a symbol of the Jews’ status of the people of Israel, G-d’s people, and when a person remembers this it will help him have the strenght to choose the right path.

Wearing the Tzitzit also carries with a special merit of aiding one in remembering the words of Torah, which is symbolized by the five knots in the tzitzit thread which mirror the five books of the Torah.

At what age do you begin wearing a tallit?

The age of wearing the tallit varies according to custom:

Ashkenazim – Ashkenazim customarily wrap themselves in a Tallit Gadol only after they get married. However, there are special cases in which Ashkenazim begin wearing a Tallit Gadol before their marriage, such as: a chazan who is currently leading the prayer services, one who gets an Aliyah to the Torah, or a Kohen who makes Birkat kohanim.

Edut Hamizrach – for those of Edut Hamizrach it is customary to wrap themselves in a Tallit Gadol at Bar Mitzvah age and even before.

Yemenite Jews – The observant Jews of Yemen begin wearing the Tallit Gadol at age 5.

The small prayer shawl (tzitzit) begins at the age of 3.

The mitzva of Tzitzit is extremely important, and all the mitzvot in the Torah are connected to it.

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