The Importance of Prayer

The Importance of Prayer

Prayer is the most powerful tool with which one can create a strong, pure connection with God.

Some form of prayer has always played a role in Judaic tradition and lore, going back to the earliest Biblical times. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and others all prayed time and time again, whether it was a time of need or of prosperity. The connection that they forged with God helped them grow- their relationships with God were enhanced and elevated because of this personal connection that they had with Him.

In today’s day and age, nothing is more important to one’s spiritual well being than having a personal connection to God. Prayer builds and enhances that connection so that we will always have someone to turn to in times of need and someone to thank in times of prosperity. When we pray with the texts of our Sages, we bring their holy words and intentions into our connection with God. This brings our connection to a whole new level of importance and beauty.

Bringing prayer into our daily lives is the role of the prayer book – the siddur. It gives us easy access to the holy words offered by our ancestors, and shows us the proper formulae and text for building the strongest connection to God possible in our times, allowing us to remove the blockades separating us and God. The myriads of thoughts and intentions that the Sages put into their work in the prayer formulation – all stand behind you, amplifying your prayers countless times before God, and forging a connection stronger than any of us can even imagine.

When praying from a prayer book, have in mind that you are praying with the text of our Sages at your hand, you are not alone in your venture to build this connection with God. This will allow you to be more comfortable in your prayer, which, in turn, allows you to truly build your best connection possible with God. Enhancing one’s prayer, which in turn strengthens one’s connection with God, is a powerful and beautiful thing that is best done with the best tools available- a prayer book.

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