Independence/Jerusalem Day (Israel)

We are proud to present products in special designs
for the Independence Day and
Our capital, Jerusalem

Jerusalem Day Prayer

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Candlesticks Magen David Jerusalem


Zmirot Shabbat Benchers - Jerusalem Design

Zemirot Shabbat Jerusalem model Very special model of JERUSALEM Unique and spectacular design Edot Israel - 96 pages For all types of events: Bar\Bat mitzvah, Shabbat hatan, wedding, special Shabbat, schools, לרפואת ,עילוי נשמת and more… (min 50 pieces for order) Free Shipping & Embedding
$4.79 $3.99

Tehillim Kotel


The Kotel prayers


Kotel Prayers


Tehillim Kotel 5 pieces

Tehillim Kotel 5 pieces
$150.00 $990.00